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postman does a good job

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  • postman does a good job

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    There is just no excuse for that it's f%^&ing unbeleivable.
    Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection, Joe Davies


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      Looks like it was poorly packaged, fell out of the tube and broke and was hurriedly put back in and the tube taped up.
      When I despatch a cue I've sold it's wrapped in paper with two narrow circles of bubble wrap the same diameter as the tube around it, one around the butt and one around the tip so that the cue isn't touching the tube it's packaged in, both ends of the tube are capped with a patch of mutli folded soft kitchen paper and a disc of hardwood and taped up with two layers of gaffer tape and three or four FRAGILE labels stuck to it.
      This ensures the cue cannot move sideways or lengthways in the tube, so can't rattle about or fall out and the only way it's going to get damaged is if the tube itself gets bent enough to break it.
      The couriers don't care, if the package is insured they're quite willing to pay up and don't understand that a cue is personal and sometimes irreplaceable.

      Who packaged and sent it ? what courier ? how much of the cue is snapped off and what are you going to do with it ?
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        The MW triangular tubes offer good protection too.
        Can't wait for this pandemic to end so we all can start playing again.


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          gutted! what a sad sight that is...
          No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...