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Old EJ Riley cue information.

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  • Old EJ Riley cue information.


    Newbie on here but just wondering if anyone can give me some info on a cue I've had since I was about 15 which I've never played with. I'm now about to turn 45!

    Started playing at 6 years old on a little 6x3 my dad got me and played religiously until about 15 years old. Was playing in men's teams from 13 and was compiling breaks of 70s and 80s pretty regularly. Unfortunately certain family issues curtailed my playing and life as a teenager in the early to mid 90s got in the way of snooker as well!

    Have recently started playing again after playing pool with my colleagues at work and quickly establishing top dog status! I guess it never leaves you if you have a modicum of talent at something.

    Bought myself a Ronnie cue & started playing again about 2 months ago, once a week at the moment and made a 51 break the other day so not too bad for 30 years of not playing.

    Anyway, back to the cue query. It's an EJ Riley (Accrington) cue with the plate on the butt fading away. It's 53" in length with around an 8mm tip required (hasn't got one on currently). The ferrule is loose. It has 603 stamped on the middle of the cue.

    Interested to know how old it is, are there many about and anything else anyone knows about it.


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    A photo or two will help - see below
    EJ Riley Accrington is used on many cues from Riley and across many decades, anywhere up to ~1960s.
    I will say that 53" and 8mm tip sounds like a cue that has either been cut down and reduced in tip size, or made for a youngster

    "603" is probably a weight stamp and was probably "16oz" but a photo may help.

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            nothing showing, as Google Drives tend to be private.

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                A trapezium plate are usually early 1900s, if not a smidge before.
                I think I can see the "1" just before the 6, but the z looks off

                Hopefully one of our resident historians will pop on
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                  Wow, as old as that! Hopefully then yeah.