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What is the difference between Thailand made and English made cues?

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    Well that’s different ,it’s hard enough to get used to one cue


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      Originally Posted by tomwalker147 View Post

      hahaha i'm just happy after a good session last night
      I know plenty of people with John Parris cues who can't make 50.
      I think a cue either suits a person or it doesn't, I was chuffed with my cue though, needed a cue quickly when my old cue broke a week before a semi final, I was referred to James Butters Facebook page and ordered a cue with my sort of specs and it came next day. Couldn't fault it at all.
      I've just sold one of my cues to a bloke from Sutton On Sea, a 60.5 inch 3/4, It arrived the day after I posted it and he messaged me that he played with it that night and made three 50+ breaks straight away, he said the length, balance feel and touch suit him to a tee and that the tons will come back soon enough.
      I was well chuffed, that's what I do it for.
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        Nice to get good satisfaction from something you’ve made , and great feedback straight away