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Joe Davis 980 coming up for auction

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  • Joe Davis 980 coming up for auction

    Hi, thanks for letting me join your site. I have some information which I hope will be of interest. I know of a Joe Davis 980 cue which is coming up for auction in a couple of weeks. I've tried to do some research into this cue but short of a few comments about how rare they are, I have come up with little else. Does anyone know of one which has come onto the market recently, and some idea of the price it made, or a guide price. Happy to post link to the sale for anyone who's interested and might be able to get a couple of pics. Are they really as rare as they seem to be? Thanks in advance chaps.

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    The Champion Cue 980 break was made in 1924 and Peradon started the cue with this break on the badge (rectangle with sideways black text on white background?); Joe then did a snooker record break of 96 in 1925 and Peradon made a cue with both breaks on the badge.

    Joe's next big break was the 2501 in 1927; so your cue was not made for many years, max of 3, possibly only 1. Of course they could have made it for longer to use up the pre-made badges

    It is a rare cue, would not say ultra rare, and there are collectors of this cues out there

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