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My Honest "Woods Cue" Review

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  • I spent some time looking at woods cues web, can't argue with their great pricing, so went to order a stock cue 4866,100usd 1pc 57inch, 9.5mm, 18.5oz ash wood with 4 splice, ebony and maple veneer, cue arrived within 48hours (free shipping) probably because I lived in hk and their factory is in Guangdong, China. The cue is exactly what I saw on their web page, however, I think their photos do have a little touch up and made it more sharp. I took my new toy to the snooker hall and try using their factory tip, solid hit, but the tip was too hard, so it would be wise for me to change Talisman M. No hollow shaft feel, honestly it feels better than my John Parris Supreme, great buying for that money.