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How tall are you & how long is your cue

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    Originally Posted by The Statman View Post
    Sorry to go off-topic, but on my screen's size settings the heading was:

    "How tall are you and how long is ..."

    I couldn't help wondering what the next word was, and now I find it's a borin thread about snooker how original!
    Hehe!, unfortunately I rarely get excited enough, willing spirit and all, these days to make the measurement worthwhile.


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      at the risk of not answering the question (which seemd to rile the great Mike Wooldridge when I did it on his thread yesterday) ...

      surely the important point is the forearm should ideally be vertical at the address position (ie cue tip close to the cue-ball) ...

      good general advice is standing upright, the cue should come up to your shoulders but that is not the end of the matter since everyone's arm length, leg and torso length and stance are different ...

      my advice would be just to look in a mirror at home (no snooker table) and work out how far up the cue you should hold it ...

      btw, I'm 6' 1" using a 57.5" cue and as part of my routine for the shot, I try to remember to check I'm holding it an inch or so from the end ... but I don't get my bridge arm totally straight and I guess I generally bridge 9" from the white ... if my bridge arm was straighter or my bridge longer, 57.5" would be too short I guess ...


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        I m 5' 7"(174cm), i m using a 56" cue.

        It very much depends on the distance btw ur bridge hand and the object ball. I usually keep it btw 12" thus the short cue i gas.

        I played really well with my old parris which was 55.7" when i started to switch btw my custom made and my old playing cue.

        Lenght does matter!!!


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          I am 5.9-5.10 and my cue is 57"


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            I'm 5 10 and the length of my stick is my buisness


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              I'm 5' 9" and my cue is 57.5". I hold it right at the end with my pinky against the very end of the butt.

              I tried a longer cue but didn't feel comfortable and still wanted to hold the very end of it.

              Maybe my arms are just too long


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                6'1"-6'2", I've ordered a cue that is 59" long. Using a 58" now.


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                  Originally Posted by snookerfan92 View Post
                  I'm 5 foot 9, and my cue is 5 foot tall exactly.
                  your 5ft 9 and your cue is 60inches ?????

                  i am 6ft 2" and my cue is 59" 1/4 " but i play with a very straight bridge arm


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                    i'm 173cms and i got a 58" mastercue


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                      I'm 170cms and my cue is 57.5" length. Normal shots I probably have about 3 inches or so from the butt, my old cue was 57" and it felt great as I could consistently place my grip over the flat of the cue as a reference point.


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                        55 inches


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                          6ft tall & my cue is 57" Hunt & O' Byrne.
                          "Statistics won't tell you much about me. I play for love, not records."

                          ALEX HIGGINS


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                            I am 5'5" and play 53" craftman pro ash(very nice cue and thank you Simon)


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                              6' - 58" MW custom.




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                                I'm 167cm tall and I use 57" cue.