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    Hello forum , I have just come about in my club some cues who have not been touched in a while and I'm looking if there is any value in any of these cues.

    Ps I live in a small community and have advertised a while for the ownership of these cues, some guys who owned them have probably passed away or just dont give a ...

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    I see one 2pc Jimmy White cue, no other cues.
    Our club did an auction of many things including cues left unclaimed in the snooker room; made a little money for the club and people had fun for the night
    But there were no cues of interest for me: only one was reasonably good (IMO) an 80s 2pc CueCraft handspliced, went for 30
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      Originally Posted by DeanH View Post
      I see one 2pc Jimmy White cue, no other cues....
      Really? I can see several cues none of which are worth much at all, except the Riley Burwat Champion might be worth 100??
      Best thing to do is ebay them.
      When you say haven't been touched for a while, how long are you talking?


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        :blush: I was clicking next post, not scrolling down :blush:
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          2-3 years probably


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            If you don't need to sell keep them.
            Especially the Burwat Champion - hand spliced and looks in great condition!
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              Really just want to get rid of them , they go cheap