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Cue creator cues not well made at all

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  • Cue creator cues not well made at all

    I don't really come on this forum that often but I thought I'd share my view on Cue Creator cues. My friend had acquired one a few weeks ago and within the first week of using it he noticed the splicing looked to be splitting gradually. He asked me to take a look so I did and was shocked by the overall flimsyness of the cue itself. Dont get me wrong it looked nice but the shaft was as floppy as a spaniels ear and the ebony splicing had started to open up!! As if this wasn't bad enough the ferrule had worked itself loose. My friend is a experienced player so he knows how to look after a cue also. He's paid alot of money for a cue that looks and feels like it's come from argos. I'm not saying all cue creator cues are like this and this may be a one off but people just be careful before you spend your hard earned money on something that may not be up to standard.

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    So I take it he didn't buy it new? And bought blind from the original owner, otherwise send it back


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      Yea he bought it as new customised and he is in the process of trying to get a refund after returning the cue.


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        I've noticed that the badge has changed which no longer has the McDermott Cue logo on.
        Their website now has links to Peradon cues...

        Different manufacturer different results?
        So the question is - who is making these cues now?
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