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    Good afternoon,

    I am after some advice from everyone on the forum.

    I am an amateur player at best, and I am looking to upgrade my cue as I start to take the game more seriously. But I have no clue where to start.

    My current cue is a cheap one, it has 'Handmade Woods' on the logo on the butt, and I brought this second hand from someone I knew many many years ago. It's quite clearly not the best quality; I've never weighted it but it does feel very light. It feels very very nice on a pool table, I can get all the reaction I'd like from it. But on a snooker table it just doesn't feel right. Feels like I can't get a large reaction at all. I've played briefly with a heavier cue, I could get much more reaction as it felt a lot heavier. As i understand it, 18 ounces is a good weight for snooker. It's a 3/4 piece, but I'd like to move to one piece.

    I've had my eye on the Peradon Edwardian one piece for a while, it looks smart, with a small logo, to me it looks clean and simple. But I have read mixed things on the internet about Peradon. My budget is upto 180, and whilst I understand this isn't a lot in the grand scheme of what I could pay (Parris for example) I'd like to think I can get something relatively okay for that money.

    Any help, advice, or information is gratefully received.


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    have a look around before diving in
    I am assuming you are UK-based.

    Green Baize and have a look around; also Stuart Green is very good on the phone to find what you are after and he has a wide range to suits budgets

    Also, maybe contact ADR147 (Andrew) here on TSF (by PM if you like), he will probably have something as well
    Up the TSF!


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      Thankyou mate, will check them out.


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        Something a little different perhaps.
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          email me I will sort you out.