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New cue - Maximus Heritage

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  • New cue - Maximus Heritage

    Here’s my first day with Maximus Heritage 1 pc - Ash - 9.5mm - 58" - 17.8oz.

    I am a recreational snooker player USA where there are not many folks who know about this game.

    I ordered this cue from which got delivered to USA within 4 days of order and I am pretty happy with this cue.

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    The table looks different. May I know what make it is?
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      isn't it terrible when you get a new cue and you cant get on with it! ?!?!?!

      very nice play, nice room must be cold with the back door open

      what is the table?

      4 days! at this time of year?!
      I sent something to Chicago in the spring and it took nearly two weeks!
      Up the TSF!


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        Surely you will need more time with cue to get used to it
        Current playing cue Trevor White
        3/4 ash cue


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          Table is made by Dufferin.

          In USA, there aren’t many snooker tables around. I just posted a topic on my experience getting this table in USA. Please check Tables thread for more info.

          Space is also tigh but that I can’t do much with until I move to a new house down the road.