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  • Barracuda champion cue

    My dad gave Me a barracuda champion cue recently. I know it's an old cue and it's in it's original case with a slide on extendable extension.(the ones with the blue locking ring thing) The Barracuda badge isn't round like the newer cues but its a cream rectangular one with screws in the four corners. The splice ends where the but meets the cue shaft are different lengths and rounded on the ends. I was always led to believe Barracuda's were hand spliced. Can anyone shed any light on this and give me an idea of how much the cue would be be worth. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi SideShow
    "round ends" of butt splices indicates hand-spliced, and uneven because it was hand-spliced
    These cues don't for for much, a quick search on ebay show the brand going from £25 to£200 depending on model
    But, it is always down to what a buyer is prepared to pay

    Have you any pictures? we like pictures of cues
    You can use a free image-sharing site like TinyPic or ImgBB, without registering to upload your images, you may have to do the “not a robot” checks quickly. Copy the “for forum” code by clicking the cell displayed and paste into your TSF post. You can do multiple images in a single post.
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