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Old masters Barracuda snooker cue

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  • Old masters Barracuda snooker cue

    Can anyone tell me if a old masters Barracuda snooker cue is worth anything please.
    I'm new on here and not sure if I'm allowed to post my contact number or if I wait for any reply to this post.
    it's available if anyone is looking to buy one as I no longer play sadly.
    Thank you all for reading this and replying.

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    best practise not to publish numbers and emails as BOTS can capture these and you will regret it

    sorry to hear you are no longer playing, maybe see you in a few years coming back to the game - as so many

    Barracuda Old Master - not massively valuable - as with anything, only as much as someone is willing to pay,
    A quick search on Completed Items off Ebay show Barracudas go from ?25 to ?200~ with Old Masters apparently a popular model.
    Give ebay a try, paste a link back on here, and good luck
    Up the TSF!


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      I’ve got one also, purchased from Frank Sandell in Worthing around 20 years ago. Lovely cue but did it a bit whippy now, maybe that’s the age of it?