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  • Peradon ash grades

    So I'm looking to purchase a bespoke cue from Peradon's Cue Wizard. Already got most of the cue specs finalised (57", 3/4 jointed 12 inches from the butt, weight of 18.5oz, etc.), but I was wondering about the different ash grades that they have available. Obviously, I won't be going as high as their P80 or P1600 grades, but are there any differences between P60 versus P30 or P30 versus P20? Do the grades really even matter?
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    Just had a look on their website , as I was intrigued by the grading .

    P80 to P1600 ……...250 pounds increase for a plain black cue . Taking it to 810 pounds

    That seems a lot for this cuemaker , I would prefer to purchase a cue from one of the so called ' Bigger Makers ' for those sort of prices . [ MW would be an alternative or TW if you can get in contact with him ]

    I wonder who makes / were their cues are made .
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      does these codes mean they go from 80 grit to 1600 grit sand paper on the wood if you pay more money?
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        Site doesn't state what the actuall differences in these grades are, eg: straighter/closer grain, flex, many chevrons, few chevrons, density/weight, moisture content, colour/grain finishing.
        An experienced cue maker will know how to taper and balance a certain shaft according to the timbers charateristics or find one that a player wants, It could be that these cue wizards are limited in scope and simply give examples of unfinished cues already in stock that can be cut to size, finished and delivered quickly, there is doubt in my mind that they are made from scratch if they can be delivered in just a few weeks which is why the top makers have a very long waiting list and charge top money.

        A lot of UK cues are raw cues that are imported from the far east and then finished in the UK and badged as hand made or made in the UK simply because they are finished in the UK, made and finished are two very different things but seem to be the same to some makers and companies. Of course you can still get a good one, but bespoke at 800 quid buyer beware, remember thaigate.
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