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R Stevens & Sons 6’x3’ table

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  • R Stevens & Sons 6’x3’ table

    Hi all,

    Due to moving house I have been doing some housekeeping, and pulled out my old snooker table (storage in garage) from when I was in my early teens which I’ve taken around with me over the past 35-40yrs.
    I’m interested in understanding the age and also whether it’s worth restoration or selling as is?
    The name plate shows Stevens & Sons and the slate bed shows R Stevens & Sons. The pockets were replaced around 40yrs ago as the originals had deteriorated. This has always been a table top version since I had it but vaguely remember the original feet were screwed by wooden thread (it’s been a while) and think my dad replaced them due to damage.
    There is a great post on here about the history of Stevens & Sons which is very informative. I believe from the thread that this maybe late 1880/90’s but confused with the different name stamps??
    I’ve searching for something similar online but didn’t see anything similar, and not sure whether this was ever a snooker / dining at some time?

    Any information much appreciated.

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    Apologies but doesn’t seem that the photos uploaded. Hope the attached helps?



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      sorry nothing showing.

      try the following:

      You can use a free image-sharing site such as ImgBB, without registering (you can register for free), to upload your images, you may have to do the “not a robot” checks quickly.
      Click on "Start Uploading"
      Browse to the file and select it, click Open
      Click "Upload".
      Change "Embed Codes" to "BBCode full linked", then hover over the code, a "COPY" will appear, click this.
      Go to your TSF post and paste. You can repeat for multiple images in a single post.
      There are other sites as well.

      Up the TSF!


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        Hi Dean,

        Thanks for the guidance on the uploads. I read your other post to another newbie and now have an account with ImgBB and downloaded the photos to an album.

        When I select the file and upload I can see the various formats including the BBCode Full Links and when I copy & paste into the URL into the TSF, it shows as not recognised format.

        The one photo I managed to copy here (or thought I did) I can see showing on my previous post. Are you saying you can’t see that at all??

        Will have another look and try again.

        Thanks for the support



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          Hi Dean again,

          I have tried again and the URL is valid this time and uploads to the post screen after selecting the format (thumbnail, medium etc) However, when I then try and post, I get a message that I am “not authorised to create or remove attachments”???

          Do you know what this could be?



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            when pasting the copied code from ImgBB into the TSF post you should not see anything like Selecting a format, the URL should just appear in the post.

            By the way, when I say Copy the link this IS NOT the URL at the top field of the browser but the little field in the ImgBB window that when you hover over you get the option to "Copy".
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              3rd attempt


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                The history of this company is complicated, and not helped by the Victorian fashion of naming children after their father. However, the subsidiary address of 'Heddon Street, Regent Street' marked on all of these items, was being operated by this company between about 1890 and 1901, so those are the limiting dates for your table and scoreboard.

                As for the slate—after the death of the founder, Richard Stevens, in 1871, the business was continued by his two eldest sons, Richard Nelson Stevens (1841-1917) and Arthur Robert Stevens (1844-1893) who used the trading name of 'Stevens and Sons' which had first been adopted by his father in the 1860s when the sons joined the business. This arrangement continued until 1889 when the partnership between the brothers was dissolved and the company traded under the ownership of Richard Nelson Stevens. It is from this date that Richard junior changes the company name to 'R. Stevens & Sons'. The 'sons' in this case being the three sons of Richard junior, who were at this time employed in the business.

                It is likely that the slate was prepared and stencilled 'R. Stevens & Sons' after the dissolution of the partnership in May 1889, but they were still using up their stock of transfers printed during the earlier years. Consequent to this reasoning, I would say that your table was made in the first couple of years of Richard Nelson Stevens ownership. I shouldn't think they were particularly bothered about making the distinction, so saw no reason to throw away old stock. You will note that Arthur Stevens died a few years after the partnership was dissolved, so it is possible, even likely, that the reason he left the business was health related rather than being a disagreement between the brothers.


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                  Morning 100-uper,

                  Many thanks for the interesting, concise and thorough history around my table, which is much appreciated and now I’m much better informed.

                  I had assumed the slate was from old stock during some transitional phase of the business due to the inconsistency in names, and great now to have history surrounding this and age range of the items. Thanks again.

                  As I’m looking at moving home, my dilemma now is whether there is any value in getting the table restored or look at selling it in the current condition?? It’s a shame as it’s a quality piece and would love to find a spot for it, but with downsizing it’s not possible.

                  Any views or recommendations for restorers??



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                    To find out if it can be economically repaired, contact Geoff Large at GCL Billiards. He is/was a member of this forum and will be able to give you an accurate cost of restoration and likely value.


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                      I've never seen cloth that colour before, why is it Tan instead of Green?
                      Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection, Joe Davies


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                        Originally posted by John Flaf View Post
                        I've never seen cloth that colour before, why is it Tan instead of Green?
                        I've seen it in the US. The tan cloth doesn't usually show up dirt as much as other colours. It doesn't show up chalk either if you use a tan coloured chalk, whereas green chalk still marks a green cloth fairly badly if you don't clean it down a lot


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                          Hi 100-uper,

                          Thanks for the recommendation and I have contacted Geoff Large.