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When was this table made?

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    Originally Posted by mikee View Post
    I’m not sure what you mean by upgrading the cushions on the middle pockets on the table ,the only way to fix the middle pocket bounded out is replace the cushion wood freezes with new wider ones .I would keep it like it is ,until you play on it you can’t really tell how often or how bad the bounce out is ,it might be ok .The bounce out problem is only really relevant when you hammer one full pace clean to the back of the pocket plate .One way may be to fill the holes where the pocket plates go in to the wooden cushion and re drill them a tad further back and fit a flat back BCE plate that sits flush with the back of the cushion freeze ,BCE cushions are not as wide like a Star or a Rasson but the plate is right back to allow a clean drop in to the bag ,also the BCE plate on the inside is cut and angled down to force the ball down ,B&W plate is just flat .
    I believe this would be done.

    They can be fitted with modern middle plates set back to avoid bounce out.