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    I have a Alliance Liverpool snookertable and i kind of like the broad pocket leathers as you see on match tables.

    I haven't got a broad brass pocket plate however. And BCE broad pocket plates don't fit quite good.

    So, should it be possible to manage broad bow leathers on this kind of (small) brass plate?

    Tim (Belgium)

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    I think you know the answer to this , if I take size 10 shoes will size 13 Fit ok for me ?

    answer is No they will be loose and so will those Match play pocket leathers .

    there are many types of leathers on the market , and all are made to fit specific pocket plates youre plates are Extra Broad bow .

    Normaly the standard pockets available are like this

    leather type .............. plate type

    Top plate leathers = top plate
    Broad bow leathers = modern two pin plates or some B&watts plates
    Extra Broad bow = extra broad bow plates ( like youres ) = Old riley type broad bow
    Extra Extra Broad bow with flat back centre leathers = BCE type plates
    Jubilee leathers will only fit the thurston jubilee table .
    Riley match leathers are for the new broad type plate you now see on TV , note that some of these TV tables have larger brass pockets on the Spot end . I think these are for insert of a camera for low down camera angle shot of ball entering pocket .

    Some B & watts centre plates are differant from table to table , sometimes the centre leather supplied in the kit will not fit .

    any pocket plate that is abnormal or odd then you will have to form youre own leather from flat stock and punch the holes in them .


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      Geoff, you make that sound easy. It probably is to you but is it simple?


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        Originally posted by philip in china View Post
        Geoff, you make that sound easy. It probably is to you but is it simple?
        No it is not Phil , forming pocket plate shape from flat leather is not easy .

        I prefer pre moulded pocket leathers