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  • Table Identification/Information

    I live in Raleigh, NC (no Sir Walter Raleigh was never here) and want to upgrade from my 5' x 10' Brunswick Centennial snooker table to a 6' x 12' snooker table.

    Unfortunately not much snooker is played in this area and used tables are not normally for sale.

    One vendor has this table:

    I am wondering if this table would be considered good quality and if there is any way to tell if the rails are 'steel block' construction without the rail being completely dismantled. The rail rubber is L shaped

    Another vendor has a Riley table that is 2" slate but he does not know if it is steel block construction. There is no model name or further ID and I would guess Riley makes or made several grades so is there any way to tell the rail construction? This table too has L shaped rubber.

    Thanks for any and all information/opinions given