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Cloth swerving?

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  • Cloth swerving?


    We have a really old cloth on our table that was bad to begin with (going to replace it in 2 weeks or so), and i was wondering: How much swerve can a bad/old cloth produce ?

    We fitted the table very, very precisely and it just seems unreal how much it swerves now..
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    What do you mean by Cloth swerving ?
    I know a ball can swerve , if hit in a certain way ,cue stabbing bottom right to make a ball spin off (Swerve ) to the right etc .

    do you mean how much swerve can you put on a ball with new cloth as oposed to old worn out shiny no nap cloth ?

    that depends on the grade and thickness and nap lenth of the new cloth being used , shorter nap and the ball will spin faster , long nap and this slows the spin down and the roll of the ball , but could grip better to the ball .