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My New Snooker Table Lights

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  • My New Snooker Table Lights

    Just finished having my new light put upand what a great light they are.
    I would like to give a great big thank you to Geoff Large for all his advice and know how on this subject. Geoff if you are ever in Carlisle or passing please call in for a drink!!!!!
    It can be anything you want thanks.
    I will atempt to load pic's of before and after.
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    Wow, thats the Peradon,, correct?.. I chose the LS1200's, 2 of them, great also.

    Congrats, looks awesome..
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    JP Majestic
    9.5mm Elk


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      No I got them from Senate Electrical with 4 cool white tubes delivered for £105 went for the 2 x 5ft was told gave better light at both ends. very happy with them but the light is very different to the old 3 x 200 watt bulbs, but "The Snooker Room" or the play room as the other half calls it, seems so much bigger now the coffin's gone (empty) if only it helped me pot a few more balls!!!
      Originally posted by throtts View Post
      Wow, thats the Peradon,, correct?.. I chose the LS1200's, 2 of them, great also.

      Congrats, looks awesome..


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        Hi Detroitman . the lighting looks great , Have you noticed the under shadow of the ball on the black spot , on old type shade the shadow on the black spot is enlongated , with this new cool light bulbs the lighting is so strong around all of the table casting not much shadow , just see the differance from photo 1 and 2 even the racked reds have shorter shadows on the new lighting , and from each end the other end is realy bright making all the differance on those long shots, and the price is realy good .
        you will get used to it .
        another bonus is when a fitter calls to do any work he can see what he is doing

        noticed the dalek in the back ground , I once put a table in for a doctor who fanatic , in the room was a full sized dalek , full size cyberman , and K9 , plus a Tardis in the garden he had every episode on DVD . and Iv'e also come across another client with a full sized dalek too .
        I have seen a BMW bubble car and moterbikes in a Snooker room too .

        but yet to put one in for a Trekky

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          Look great !

          This is the DUE270HFC2 model with 70 W tube or the model with 58 W tube T8 ?



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            Sorry for late reply it is the 58w T8 tube in cool white


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              Thanks detroitman ;-)