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    Hi everyone, I've only been playing a couple of months but I've noticed at my club in Edinburgh that the positions for each of the colours on the table are worn through slightly. It's worse in some places but the colours sit in the dents created and can jump out when I'm going to pot them. Is this normal for club tables that get a lot of use?

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    This is what happens when people bang the balls down on the spot and it forces dust through the spots and there is a build up dust under or at the side of the spot and it goes quite hard. When the table fitters change the cloth or turn it, they sandpaper it off.
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      what need to do is locate the "bump" on the spot and then use a very thin sewing needle, and insert it into the cloth just to the side of the spot and (for want of a better word) wiggle it through the bump breaking up the chalk. Keep checking it with your finger until it has gone. Job done! Be very careful not to use the same area the next time this needs repeating.
      Cheap and Cheerful! 😄