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    Perhaps 100 upper could give an approx age to this nice example of a John Taylor table. The current owner says its been in the family since 1920`s but he`s not positive.oak john taylor 2.jpgoak john taylor 3.jpgoak john taylor.jpg

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    Nice table. I can only go by the makers' plate, and can say for sure that this was made after 1898 when they became a limited company and started advertising in the style shown.

    Other than that I would tend to associate the red capital letters in the name (now disappeared) with the period before the 1914 war. If this is the case, the plate should be made of ivory so it should be easy enough to check. If it is plastic then it is 1920s.

    Don't think I can get it any closer than this. The recessed counters don't help to narrow it down as they would be available both before and after these dates.