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Best method of attaching pool table cushions

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  • Best method of attaching pool table cushions

    Hi all

    I've searched through the forums and can't find the answer to what seems a simple question. So sorry if it's already been asked elsewhere.

    I've got an old Superleague 7x4 pool table that needs quite a bit of restoration, so a recover is definitely on the cards in the near future. More pressing is that the cushions are barely rebounding the balls. They make a horrible 'thudding' sound on contact. I started reading up and got very close to ordering new cushion rubber and cloth.

    However, on closer inspection it seems to be that the cushions are just coming away from the table. I used a couple of clamps to hold them back in their rightful place and they work much better. In fact the table becomes very playable, albeit it in rather shabby condition.

    So, what is the best glue to use to attach the cushions to the table? Or is there something else I'm missing?

    I was looking at rubber cement but I get the feeling that is wrong and perhaps any old decent contact glue will do the trick?

    Thanks for any advice


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    The cushions are held in place by 3 bolts remove the alloy strip then tighten the bolts.


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      Thanks for the swift response. I can't quite follow what you mean and am wondering if I have a different type of table or if previous owners have bodged it.

      I removed the alloy strips around the edge of the table - these seem to conceal nothing and are purely decorative.

      So I looked inside again at the underside of the cushions - and think I can see where the bolts should be. There are 3 cavities per cushion, some of these contain a strange bolt which it appears you can only tighten from the side, since there is no way to get to the back. However, these bolts are not connected to the cushions - in fact in my table they appear to do nothing. Many are missing.

      The cushions seem to be held on by small metal strips beneath them held in place by a couple of nails and then lots and lots of glue.

      Does this sound normal or has this been a previous owner 'modification'?


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        The cushions will never play well without all the bolts in place and tight someone has butchered them.


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          pics would help as there are many methods of attachment new and old.