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  • Bought off ebay...

    Hi all, newb' here

    This one's probably been done to death already... but..

    Ive bought a supreme coin op 7x4 table from ebay. It's still sat in pub atm, but I collect it on Friday. £250 inc all the bits + pneumatic shifting trolley.

    How heavy are they roughly? are they easy to take apart to move the slate to make it easier? can it be done with 3 people or am I being ambitious (stupid)

    Am going with 2 mates, my vans easy big enough to take it, access is easy at both ends straight out pub and into double garage. Any tips or suggestions?

    Cheers in advance

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    I just bought a brand new supreme free play table, the lighter, slimline version and it weights an absolute tonne. It is also only a 6ft x 3ft6 table as well!

    Taking it apart could be dodgy coz it may affect the levelling of the table you may need to get some people from the pub to help you at their end and then some more people at your end. 1 on each corner and one on each rail so 8 people in total.

    I may be just being over cautious but thats what I would suggest