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  • moving a table


    ive bought a coin op 7x4 supreme table from ebay, have to collect it this friday.

    not much thought went into it beforehand, but....

    How easy are they to take apart to remove the slate? How much do these tables weigh roughly? Can it be done with 2-3 of us?

    Transport isn't an issue, my vans more than big enough, and access is easy at both ends.


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    ^^^^ Thats the table.. 250 inc the lifting unit. not sure if thats good or bad but i'm happy with it.

    Just need to get it home now, so any advice or tips on dismantling it, and moving it would be welcomed.

    Thanks again


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      I have mooved a few tables including the same one you just bought, not to difficult to be honest.
      Can be done with just two if you trust them ?
      lift the cushions and unscrew the hindges, lean against a wall ? then you need to lift the slate off carfull not to drop it as this is the heavy part ! then unscrew the four leggs, place the frame in your van, then put the slate back in to the frame so it is safe in transit, and lastly put the cusions in and the leggs.
      put it back together in reverse order.

      best bit of advice - park your van as close as poss (if it is not think of a trolly of some sort for the slate)


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        Thanks for the quick reply lol wasn't expecting anything so quick..

        When you say 'lift the cushions' i'm guessing theyre all attached to the upper surround and come off as one piece.. Is this bit clamped down from within the table? easy to get to and release?

        thanks again for the reply


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          if it is a coin op as you say, there will be a few clasps inside above the movable glass panel (where the balls collect) and one either end, where the balls come out and white ball ? the other side will have 3 setts of hindges to unscrew