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  • Table covers / Dining room table covers..

    Sorry if this has already been covered (and not a great start for a first post ever, asking questions) but I am a little stuck.

    I have finally convinced my missus to let me buy a table, but only on the previso that we can use it as a dining room table as well. Yes I can hear you all now.. but this is the only way I can get one, so a compromise has to be done.

    Now my question is, I have seen table covers that you could use as a dining room table as well (some are sold as that) but obviously, depending on the table, you will have 2 issues (that I can see). One is chair height (dining tables are normally 30" and tables are 33" if I read my doco right, and the other is hitting your legs on the table supports.

    The two things I can think of, is chairs built/cut to size for the height issue, and the other would be get a cover with about 8" overhang on each side so you can pull your chair in without hitting the supports. It seems obvious to me, but doesn't seem to be out there, and I am trying to wonder why. The only thing I can think of is with an overhang, you have potential for the top to lift/fall if someone pushes down on the edge of it. My solution to that would be to have the tabletop joined together when it was on the table, and if required actually put 4 legs on it in the corners?

    Sorry if that is all a bit confusing but I am a little lost at this stage.

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    where are you located?


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      Perth, Australia ;-) so at a guess, a long way from most of you


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        The basic problem is that a snooker table isn't a dining table and vice versa. In the old days convertible ones were popular where the height could be varied- low for food, high for snooker. The alternative was to have a dining table and then put a top over that when you want to play.


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          Cheers for the response Philip - that is why I had the idea of using the pub height chairs (not bar stools), you can get dining tables that are higher like the pub ( is they are about 200-250mm's higher and could be cut down to the right height and still look like dining chairs ;-)


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            Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us ....
            Table cover is the most impotent part of any table it gives a new look to it....but it all up to you that u use it or not


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              Some table tops can be a problem to the table cushions and bed if not made correct , most frequent problem is surface scratches in the cushion capping caused by people not protecting the polished cushion capping , second most problem is damaged cloth and cushion rubber hanging off due to covers being dragged off across the cushion .
              third problem , some tops are designed to have wood preventing the top preventing sag , these blocks rest on the slate bed crushing the cloth and you then get thick lines in the cloth that a ball can follow .
              also another problem is pocket leathers worn on top due to boards being dragged across them .

              whatever is used , do make sure that the underside has some cloth on them and also always cover the table with cloth and a plastic cover to prevent any spills from say someone spilling gravy or drink on the tops when dining , Iv'e seen all sorts of stains on dining Billiard tables do to people not thinking ahead .

              and on a full sized table it is a two man job to remove the table tops , unlike the small 6 and 7 foot versions where one man could do this easy without damageing the table .
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