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  • Transformable tables

    First take a look at the following site:

    My question is:
    Has anyone heard of or seen a similar system which would transform a
    4.5' x 9' American Pool table into a Snooker table

    Is it feasible

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    Very doubtful. As a snooker table is 6x12 feet.
    "I'll be back next year." --Jimmy White


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      I appreciate that fact but 4.5' x 9' will be the maximum size possible.
      That's why I referred to the demonstration by Chevillotte. The problem
      to be solved is not length of table but rather pocket design...


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        Hmmm it's doubtful, It's much easier to block the whole pocket rather than make it smaller!


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          I'm sure I've seen a training device that makes the pocket smaller. It's two cushioned pads that are sprung apart by a piece of metal that arcs over the pocket. I'm afraid I can't remember what it was called, but I think it was discussed on here so maybe search around?

          You're never going to get realistic snooker pockets on a pool table though to be honest. The biggest problem that springs to mind is the fact that the middle pockets on an american pool table are actually much tighter at an angle than snooker table pockets, due to sharp corners. I can't be sure without seeing them side by side but I'd also guess that snooker corner pockets are rather wider than pool pockets at the point they start to curve in, and narrower at the fall.