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  • Fortunately...

    Fortunately in the next month or three my home extension will be completed and I will be in the market to buy a snooker table.

    What sort of table should I buy? I'll be budgeting for a maximum of about 3k for the table itself. I'm not fussed if I spend nowhere close to that amount or a indeed a little over if it means I get the right table.

    I'm not looking for a super tight table but by no means do I want a table that is generous.

    In essence:
    Where should I buy from?
    What should I buy?
    Who do I get to fit it?

    I am very aware that everyone's opinion may be different from my own but please don't pull any punches by saying things like: it's all upto you etc.

    I'm purely trying to canvass opinion.

    Many thanks,

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    If you have 5k ish you can get a lovely B & W match set up steel block table. Would be lush IMO.

    1k ish budget i would get a BCW Westbury personally.
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      I haven't thought too seriously about budget. I'm more concerned with getting the right table than the cost whether that means it costs me a fortune or I pick up a bargain.

      As fair as looks go, again I'm not too fussed other than it having turned legs and dark wood.


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        You must have some idea of budget?

        Will it be played on lots?

        Want it to play like a tv you see on telly?

        Tight pockets or just a ''friendly'' table?
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          As stated in my previous post, I'll spend about 3K on a table.

          It will be played on lots

          My concern with selecting a table (hoping not to sound arrogant here) whilst I can pot balls on a decent tight table, some of my pals who I practice with regularly have to be in top gear to manage to consistently knock balls in on them.

          A happy medium is sought.... if it exists? If it doesn't then I'll just get an aristocrat.

          How does the riley renaissance play?


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            sorry i completely missed the 3k part!!

            I then would go for a BCW Westbury. Love those tables.

            Maryfield and Geoff Large will im sure give there views shortly...they know there onions!
            Unclevit C Brand - CueGuru Tip.


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              you are entering the market at the right time , tables have never been priced so low , you can pick up bargains such as a highly carved George Wright circa 1910 for around £4000 normaly £7500 .
              A light or dark oak Burroughs and watts steel block turned fluted legs for around the same money normaly £7000
              We also have a nice Riley Aristocrat normal cushioned just come in with adjustable muntin's UK Manuafactured by Riley in very nice condition in dark Mahoghany £3000 ish ? there are a few chinese made rileys but this one is a genuine UK made one .

              I normaly do not plug the firm I work for as I tend just to gve advice and keep out of the sales side of things ,but the tables above are all good buys , my advice is to ask around you may find even better buys out there .

              Last edited by Geoff Large; 6th March 2012, 05:31 PM.


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                Thank you greatly for your kind advice.

                As you're reasonably local to myself and your forum reputation appears to be beyond reproach, I'm inclined to defer to your suggestion.

                Would you mind terribly if I contacted yourself when the time is upon me and the real decision must be made?

                How long is the Riley likely to remain unsold? I'm not after something that's ornate to be fair.
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                  Forsooth to that...A Knight of the Oblong table ye soon shall be


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                    Sir Missalot


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                      the riley belongs to a client we are storing the table for him , he did put the table on ebay but became diapointed at the lack of attention and silly offers for a UK made riley , Iv'e seen the reciept that he paid rileys for the table and he got abit of discount and still paid over £6000 for it , he hardly used it and with our costs of bringing it in and a new cloth etc ( not that the old cloth has had much use ) the price will be around the £3000 mark , it has a matching shade and scoreboard , but maybe you want to have the new type lighting ?
                      What I would suggest is to come over to lincoln and veiw the dismantled table , if you see what you like reserve it for say £500 deposit , alternatly I have a freind with a square leg table in mint condition as you can get , he is asking £1500 for this but you can offers him , and it is a Burroughs and watts table , but you have to add in the costs of transport and fitting , personaly I prefer the Riley aristocrat , but at half the price the B&Watts is worth looking at .

                      the burroughs and watts has had brand new riley cushions and new slates fitted only the frame is original B&Watts

                      I know youre preferance is turned legs , but when the ligts are out and just the table light is on , all you see is the upper part of the table when in play , square legs do not gather dust like turned legs and they do not split like turned legs , turned legs are made up of laminated 2 inch blocks to make a 8 inch turned leg , sometimes they dry out and start to crack at the laminated glued joints , the B & watts table is a rigidus frame and has two adjustable cross members supporting the outer slate joints , there are also two fixed cross members and all the cross members support the 4 slate joints , this design differs from the norm of two cross members and 3 muntin's , the legs on these rigidus frames are closer together in the middle , some may find this odd , but it is becuase they have to align up with the slate joints either side of the centre slate .
                      and is a clear give away that it is a B&watts table , when you see these tables in either square or turned leg , they also made a 12 leg table in the same design to make the table more pleasing to the eye , but these are a bit over the top and a pain to jack up and level as you have 12 leveling points not 8 which is the norm .

                      Today I am working on a thurston Jubilee formica finnish with three rotundas not 8 legs , this has a unique leveling system where the rotundas have adjustable bolts high or lower the side supporting slate rail
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                        Thanks Geoff.

                        Can you PM me with the address and opening times for the premises in Lincoln?
                        Probably prefer the Riley one to be honest.


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                          My preference isn't turned legs. It is that of my better half who considers it to be mere furniture... How can she be so wrong yet still right?


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                            the Wharehouse is in Saxilby next door to the Police station near lincoln , you will have to phone Ted Roberts at Elston and hopkin 01427 839271 to arrange a time that is suitable to you , he only lives a couple of villages away make sure you only speak to him not his wife , not saying she could not help but only Ted knows any information about the table .
                            Tell him I put you in touch and you know a bit about the table a client who we are selling it for etc .
                            If it helps I am up there this week rerubbering some cushions on Thursday and Friday



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                              I may be able to make the trip Thursday but I won't know til the morning itself. Would he be opposed to popping to the warehouse on Saturday?