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  • High point on table

    How do the fitters go about finding the highest point on a table when levelling? When i get time, i plan to lower my table back down onto the floor and level it with less packing so that at least one leg has direct contact with the floor.

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    Got an image of you keep tapping shims in until you have a sleeper under 1 leg and a couple of 4x2 under another. Possibly some bricks......


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      Well, i had a few sleepers lying around, so would seem silly not to use them. Now i need them for something else, so i need to get them out from under the table


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        High point on table

        They do it by using their level and work out which points are high and which are not. Sometimes this can be a very small amount. Then by starting at that high point, they work out how much packing is required under each leg to make everything the same.

        I wouldn't try this until you are recovering the table as when jacking the table, you may break the plaster of paris between the slate joins and you don't want this happening when the cloth is still on.

        Also, and more so on tournament cloth, you will need to be very accurate with your leveling and will require an engineers level. Standard levels are just not accurate enough for the precision you need.

        There may also be a reason for your table sitting so high and that is to bring it up to a generic height:
        (b) The height of the table from the floor to the top of the cushion Rail shall be from 2ft9½in to 2ft 10½in (851mm to 876mm).
        So I would check that before you go messing about with the leveling.