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  • Bristol Pool and Snooker Review

    I am posting this review in order to prevent others from experiencing the same as me from Bristol pool and snooker.

    I recently purchased a 9 foot American pool table from Bristol pool and snooker ( I paid a deposit and was told the table would be delivered after 4 weeks. 4 weeks went by when I received a phone call telling me the slate had been damaged in transit and therefore another would have to be ordered, taking another 4 weeks. Another 4 weeks went past when I received a call saying the lorry had not yet arrived and I would be called on the Monday to arrange delivery (this was Friday). I waited for the call on Monday but it did not come. I phoned the out of hours number, quite concerned by this time, and was told delivery had been booked in for the following Sunday (which incidently was now 9 weeks after I paid my deposit!!).

    So Sunday came and two lads arrived in a transit van to deliver the table. They arrived at about 8 in the evening and took about 2 hours to fit the table. Having never bought a table before I was unaware at that time that 2 hours is usually not enough time to 'level' a table properly. Anyway, having set up the table I then paid the full amount, almost £2,000. They said they had used a filler in the table where the slates join in order to fill the holes. Before completing the table I was told I would need to leave the filler over night to set before using the table, however before they left I was told I could play on it right away. As it was now around ten at night I decided to wait until the next morning anyway.

    The next day I played on the table with my brother, after about 20 minutes a shot was played and the object ball shot up in the air when rolling across the table bed! I ran my finger over the area only to find a huge hole in the bed of the table, the hole was around 1 cm squared. I then ran my fingers across the table only to find several more of these holes, mainly where the slates had been joined. Worse still, there was a ridge where two of the slates did not meet properly!

    I immediately rang Bristol pool and snooker explaining the situation, they told me the filler must have 'shrunk' in the cold!! I have found out since that the CORRECT filler never ever shrinks and the table should be fit to play on immediately after completion. Anyway the two guys agreed to return and 'fix' the holes. They turned up about a week later, this time around 5 in the evening! One of the 'fitters' started to roll a ball across the table and said 'I know there is a whole but it is not affecting the roll of the ball'. When my Dad mentioned the ridge where the slates met one of the guys said "What am I meant to do about it?" At this point I was obviously fuming and after discussion with my Dad we told them to take the table away. They did so, this was around 2 months ago. I have written letters to them but have received no response and have not received my money back.

    Please, please DO NOT use Bristol pool and snooker to purchase an American pool table. This has cost me a lot of money, I believed I was saving money because they are cheap but now I know why!

    Just to let you know, within 7 days of the Bristol pool table being taken away I had a brand new pool table from another company, correctly levelled and sitting in my back room (Bristol pool took 9 weeks to deliver a non-usable table). Having told the new company my whole experience they were able to explain to me the things regarding the filler, time taken to set-up etc. Although this company were slightly more expensive than Bristol pool and snooker, the extra 6 or 7 hundred pounds were more than worth it.

    I hope this prevents others from an experience similar to my own.

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    Im from Bristol and the shop is right up the road from me, i worked there on weekends and for work experience (7-8 years ago). It was a small company, 1 man band to be trueful.

    Maybe the blokes working there have got to big for there boots because they always prided themselves on good customer service and great tables. The top dog there Mr Kemp is a top bloke and a great table fitter im sure he wouldn't of done this. Not sure if hes there now though.

    In the past he has done tables for World Snooker and celeb's like Nassem Hamed's in a Sheffield snooker club.

    Im extremly sad to here about this and i hope you get it sorted.