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    Finally getting her indoors to agree to an extension to house a full size table.
    Yay lol
    I am now focussing on proper budgeting so I get the best table I can. I will only have a budget of around 2000. Now I appreciate I won't get a world class table for that money but want to get the best I can. The room will be heated normally and won't get damp etc so don't think I need table heaters etc I want the table to play as close to tournament spec as possible ie don't want buckets for pockets etc.

    Had a look on e bay but struggling to know what's best do I just get something dirt cheap and get it refurbished or buy one off the bay already 'refurbished' and hope its ok? Any thoughts gratefully received !!!



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    email for advice


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      Hi Paul,
      I went through all this last summer. My advice is to take your time, do your research about all the parts of the table, ask the supplier a lot of questions and make sure they realize you won't accept a load of rubbish when you finally get down to the agreement. (good to have everything itemized in writing at this stage). Get the supplier to also fit the table. You can get a decent refurbished table with new cloth, cushion rubbers, pocket leathers, nets, accessories etc for 2000 fitted, like one of the old refurbished ones you've see on the bay.

      Things to look out for off the top of my head:
      Make sure the cushion rubbers are 'new northern rubber'
      Italian slates rather than the chinese stuff
      West of England Cloth (that's a matter of choice, as there are other decent cloths) I have WOE 6811 tournament gold.


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        Table advice

        Brick tip many many thanks for your detailed reply I really appreciate you taking the time :-) and all taken on board

        Thanks a million


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          Go the distance and get a Star TC, over the moon with mine. I will post pics of it when I get the damn time..

          All the best with whatever you go for..
          JP Majestic
          9.5mm Elk


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            You're welcome. Regarding pocket sizes, i too didn't want buckets and had them cut to a tournament template with new rubbers, so you too can specify what you want with the supplier. I don't know the exact template used, but they are not like the buckets down your local legion!