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  • help with lights

    just want to know to hight of lights

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      hi thanks for that the fluorescent bulb went dead went up the road to get one and they wanted 54 pounds for one the last time one went i
      paid 8.50 for one in the end i managed to get 2 for 38 they stop making them so ive been told


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        When i put mine up, i just held them up to find the height where they illuminated the table fully and then stopped at that height, measured and fixed. As you raise the light you can see the light spread out to the pockets. There are other factors, such as not having it too low that you're likely to hit it with your cue, and on the other hand going to high so the actual lighting tube is visible when walking around the table. (the latter would have been a bit ugly for me... and more importantly the missus!)


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          Depends if you have the new style lighting or the old coffin/canopy type.

          The new style lights are to be set about 5 foot above the table. Canopy height will vary depending on the bulb configuration.