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Best table choice, steel block cushions? etc...Be

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  • Best table choice, steel block cushions? etc...Be

    Hey everyone, I will be getting my first full sized snooker table around September. It will be kept in my house and have a daily use of about an hour and up to 4 hours on weekend days. Putting money to the side (that's another issue) what would be the best table of choice with best performance? I want a table with tournament sized pockets, however is it a good idea to have steel block cushions as I've heard that they need more maintenance? I'm mainly looking at the Riley aristocrat or a Star table? Please bear in mind that redoing the cloth and cushions is not something which I want as a regular occurrence, maybe every few years minumum?
    Thanks Dan,

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    have a look at some recent posts in the Tables section (where you posted this thread) where others have asked about new tables and maintenace and longevity of cloth and rubbers.
    An expert table fitter has already answered these to his usual spot-on view with great advise.
    Have a browse and you will find some answers and, I am sure, some more questions
    all the best in your hunt
    Up the TSF!


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