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Preparing for some table maintenance

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  • Preparing for some table maintenance

    So, i've had my table since last September, and it's time for some serious maintenance. (BCE Westbury standard cushion)

    1. Take all packing out from legs and lower table to floor and re-level. I want to have at least one leg in direct contact with the floor. I don't have a problem doing this, but would like to know how to find the high point of the table once it's without the packing. Can anyone advise?

    2. Cloth needs stretching. Advice would be appreciated as to how to approach it, which bits to do first etc... I was thinking to leave the cloth attached at the middle pockets and work from there. I don't have much to play with, as the guy who put it on stapled it to the sides, not underneath. However, it's quite slack now, so i could probably stretch it about 3cm each end.

    Is there ever a time when the cushion cloth needs stretching, or is this simply not done on snooker tables?