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  • BCE Cliff Thorburn Tables

    Does anyone have any info on the BCE Cliff Thorburn edition tables. I have a chance to buy a 10 foot model, already have a 9ft table, and wonder if it would be worth doing the change. It is in great condition and I can get it for under a $1000.00 Canadian. Any info would really help. Thanks.

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    Come to Toronto (Shooters) during the Canadians and if Cliff is in town he usually comes down and he can answer you directly. I've never heard of a Cliff Thorburn model though. I have a BCE Westbury myself.

    Terry Davidson
    IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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      I once came across a club in nottingham that claimed to have a Cliff Thorburn table that he made his 147 telivised break on they had a plaque on the wall engraved to state this , it turned out that a club in wales and Portsmouth also had a plaque up in the clubs to say the same , how could this be all 3 clubs all stateing to have that 147 break table ?

      Easy the scoundrels who sold all three tables split the parts up , Cushions to Nottingham club , Frame to wales Club , Slates to Portsmouth club , they are the only Cliff thorburn edition tables I know about , I do not think BCE made any tables with Cliffs name on them ? certainly not in the UK , but maybe they exported a model to Canada ? maybe you got the balls with youre's ?
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