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Snooker Diners....Any Thoughts

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  • Snooker Diners....Any Thoughts

    I have a dining room which is 12ft x 17ft and I finally want to get my own snooker dining table. I am looking at a 7ft x 3.5ft table as I want to be able to play shots properly in most situations (my mate has an 8 x 4 in a similar sized room and for me the game is spoiled by constantly needing to use the shorter cue that came with table, rather than your own.) Anyway I wondered if anybody had such a table and what the best alternatives and manufacturers were ? I have been looking at Birmingham Billiards and fc_snooker as they seem the best. I also am not sure about the rise & fall mechanism which all of these tables have...can you not just have the whole thing fixed as surely the height for dining and playing snooker is about the same ? And should you go for full size balls on a 7ft table ? Any advice appreciated.

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    We played on an 8x4 table in the pub once and it had 10 reds and the balls looked to be a tad smaller than full size, they may have been 3/4 size but they played very similar to regular balls. Best thing about the smaller tables is it feels good being able to clear up often.


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      The rise and fall is a must as a standard chair is too low for the playing hieght , Brian at cheshire billiards is one of the best Billiard/snooker dining table makers in the country and will reproduce most designs even the old riley type .
      there are a lot of lower quality chinese snooker diners that are imports about , Brians tables are made to order here in the UK .

      unless you want to dine off Bar stools the rise and fall mechanism is a must .

      I have a genuine 6 x 3 Riley serpantine leg in mahogany diner it will require full renovation , but if you have room for a 7 x 3.6 then they are a bit thinner on the ground to find , Oak tables are even harder to find .

      Geoff Large
      Billiards fitter .