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Recommend a firm please; comments welcome - old snooker/diner in need of restoration.

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  • Recommend a firm please; comments welcome - old snooker/diner in need of restoration.

    Hi and thanks for providing such an informative forum.

    I have an old Jelks 6 x 3 foot snooker diner that has not been in use for some 15 years and has been stored dismantled. The wood is sound and the slate bed in good order with no damage. It needs re-covering and new rubbers; the pockets could be smartened up too. The wood has been varnished - would this make repolishing
    to a modest standard difficult or would a restorer be able to remove it?
    Some of the riser fittings are in situ but the 4 threaded bolt parts (for setting the playing surface level?) are missing. This would not be a problem for me as I am thinking of having the table fixed at playing height because it will not be used for dining. (The idea would be to fix a section of 3 x 4 inch oak or mahogany etc. on top of the standing frame so the playing surface just sits higher - sounds simple enough and am wondering if this is feasible.)
    Finally some of the fixing holes in the sides (3 per side) are worn with a bit of damaged wood (result of using long woodscrews for fixing without washers etc.). I think that these holes could be drilled down with a large spade bit just enough to remove the damaged wood then hardwood dowel plugs can be fitted and glued and the holes remade to the correct depth. Would a good repairer be able to do this?
    Thanks for taking the time to read all this and if anyone can recommend a reliable company to do the work I will be very grateful. (I am in Kent.)

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    Geoff Large would surely be able to put you onto someone.

    Google GCL Billiards and give him a call. Top chap, I've had him out to my table a couple of times.


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      Kent is a bit far out for me , unless you can deliver it to me here in nottingham for work in my workshop , as it is only a 6x3 they are transportable in the back of a large estate car or even a small van if long enough. as for the varnish I'm afraid it would have to be fully stripped , replacement lifters are available at around £140 a set you cannot buy just one half you have to replace the whole lot., have you a photo of the table and lifter parts you can send me to ?
      Failing that try Martin Rabbits who lives in Bournmouth and covers the south area upto london and even beyond .

      Geoff large
      Billiards Fitter


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        Hi again,
        thank you for your replies. I will give Mr Rabbets a call; I was thinking of contacting Hamilton Billiards too after a bit of nosing around on the internet. I cannot really arrange for transport and would rather leave this to the repairer. As I do not intend to use the rise and fall facility I think that I do not need to obtain the four missing fittings - for many years before putting it away we used it 'low' with the playing surface/frame simply resting on the standing frame (the four large flat fixings on the standing frame with the sort of zigzag track for the lifter mech. served to locate the playing surface and ensured that it could not be dislodged). (The other bits that are present are four sort of 'bosses' with female threads vertically oriented that are fixed to the slate bed frame.) I have a notion that to set up the table as 'raised' for the long-term the 'flat fixings' can be bolted to the heightened standing frame and the same locating method used as in the past. Hope I'm making sense. Anyway Mr Rabbet will soon put me right I expect.


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          What you have overlooked is the ease of leveling the table with the sliding adjusters , by putting solid oak beams under the slate which will be costly too , you will then only be able to pack under each leg until level , on small tables like this a table is very unstable with packing under the legs and can keep slipping of the round shims etc . Better to have it as original on lifters , also the value of the table will also be kept . it is a Billiard-diner so should rise and fall for the two purposes.
          Hamiltons are at ther top end of the market that is why all their tables are POA. a fitter working for himself can keep costs at an affordable price.

          Another firm that if down youre way would do the work is Cheshire billiards, based near Scunthorpe but do work all around the UK
          , ask for Brian . he may have some second hand lifters . who ever takes it on , it will have to be taken away for a full renovation . so it does not realy matter who takes on the job if they can combine the pick up and the drop off with other work .



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            Many thanks for that detailed reply Mr Large and I see what you are getting at now about levelling. It was not a problem in the past because we had no lifting mechanism to use. I would not want to have the table altered permanently and if levelling is going to be difficult without some rise and fall adjusters in place then I will see if I can get them. Thanks for the ref. to Cheshire Billiards; I'll give them a call.


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              I have two sets of brand new UK brass lifters. Can let you have a set for £ 100 plus Postage.