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Anthony Hamiltons old Riley table now refurbished in natural oak finish

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  • Anthony Hamiltons old Riley table now refurbished in natural oak finish

    I have just completed a re-rubber and re-cover for a second cousin of mine .
    and I think the story may be of help to players on here about the problems of old table pocket openings .
    please follow the link to read and look at the photo's of the table.
    I think most will get the message I am trying to get out there that some old tables and this old Riley is one of them and have a problem for snooker players after the slate fall when comparing them to Steel block cushions or modern standard cushions.
    My cousin did most of the renovation work himself with his brother and actually re-blocked the table for new rubber .

    link here
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    That table is beautifully stripped. What finish will they be applying?

    Pleased to see you are having to turn work away! There are only so many hours in a day.


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      I was just looking at your site re the Anthony Hamilton table and what struck me immediately was the double bevelled mirrored scoreboard. Its a pity you hadnt stripped it yourself for it would have given you a great bit of ammunition to explain as to how the scoreboard was constructed.
      I had one of these scoreboards about 20 years ago and I decided to do what your cousin did and stripped it. Did you know that that type of scoreboard was constructed without a single bit of glue.... the whole lot is put together with woodscrews, and comes apart with just a screwdriver.
      On top of the main pediment there are two screws which will release the pediment, you then slide out the main panel which exposes 4 hidden screws on the hidden side of the two main columns. When these are unscrewed the two mirrors can be slided out. This just leaves you with the main board which is also put together with screws.
      For something so beautiful and ornate, its construction was so simple, and I found it a treat to work on. Seeing it there on your site brought back some nice memories.
      When you but cheap... You buy twice !


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        Hi Gerard , yes I know they do come apart with just screws , I had seen Alan in our old workshop renovate a few of them in the past .
        on turning work away .

        why everyone leaves re-covering a table or moving one just a few days before Christmas then expect you to let other people down as they want theirs doing as an Xmas present for hubby or son is beyond me .
        I had two more phone calls today , one lady getting really annoyed with me because I just cannot fit her in .
        I did pass the work on to a friend of mine though but she got annoyed with him because of the price he was charging for a Christmas eve day install .
        he explained to her he never complain's about what taxi drivers charge at Christmas ! and if she wants the table putting up on that day then it's time and half the going rate as he has to pay his helper that . as it is a holiday .

        on top of all the work I have in , I also have to move my Daughter into her new apartment this weekend and pick up a pool table too then work Monday and Tuesday .
        I am already getting booked up for January work. about 50/50 Pool and snooker .

        one thing I won't do though is let other people down that have booked the work in advance, even if they do offer more money .

        the one thing missing off the scoreboard is the hand shaped paper clip in the centre , I have also seen these with a clothes brush and hook in the centre
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          to me, Xmas and other Bank Holidays are at least double-time
          Up the TSF!