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  • Dream snooker tables

    I read and learn about good tables in this forum .
    Since i'm interest to buy a nice one for my personal use .

    Is there any tables which have :
    - 5 cm welsh slate
    - hand floated slate
    - steel block cushion
    - old mahogany wood (not laminated one)
    - UK made tables

    If any which factory made this table ?

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    Your best bet for all of that is to get a classic old English table. Look at Geoff Large's website to see loads of them.

    My dream became reality when I bought one via him.


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      Are welsh slates always hand floated ?

      How is the different when we play on old tables compare to modern tables ?
      Assuming pocket size is the same & already use Northern Rubber ?


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        No reason why welsh slates need to be hand floated. I think hand floated slates tend to be on the older tables. If you get a table you can always hand float your own slates.

        Old tables play fine. The main consideration on playability is a well installed table- dead level etc., a good cloth properly fitted, new rubbers by Northern Rubber, steel blocks if you want them.

        Pocket size is whatever you want, your fitter will sort those out.