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Karnehm and Hillman tables floated slates , a bit of advice

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  • Karnehm and Hillman tables floated slates , a bit of advice

    Been trying to find on you tube the video of the slate being hand floated on K&H , and just found it

    I often get some flack about feathering slate joints in on badly made tables , but if the slate is not hand floated and supported by good centre bearers the slate is always going to move and the slate joints be out of level .
    without the very expensive work of bringing the slate into a warehouse to be re hand floated and returned , the only other alternative is to feather the joints and improve the centre slate bearers to adjustable type

    I have seen first hand the slate being floated by Enbild on site , by taking a table down and assembling it in the car park then , take every set of slates from the three match table's and refloat them on the outside frame in sets .
    the only difference I noted was EnBild used two men to hand float with two poles on the cutting diamond wrought iron frame which has rough sand scattered on the slate to do the cutting in of the slate .

    Around 34 to 36 feet of room with around 10 ft clearance at each end is required to hand float a set of slates that way .

    so unless the snooker club or private table owner is prepared to have a set hand floated and adjustable slate bearers put on the frame , the only way to get the slate joints not showing is to feather fill with soft sand car body filler and block sand until level . using softer filler such as plaster of paris may cause the plaster breaking up and coming out of the joint , so the norm nowadays is to use soft sand car body filler.

    you can read about a table I feather filled the slate joints in the link below , they where very bad joint's ignored by the normal contractor that they used for years , it took me around 40 minutes to sort them out for the club , ok not as good as Expensive hand floating of slate but i only charged them for the Car body filler around £15 a large tin to sort these out at the same time as a re-cover , and they where highly delighted with the work .
    The table is a Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham tulip leg table , which had hand floated slates from new , but because of no under support they had sagged and gone out of shape.

    and another K&Hillman I converted to have adjustable slate bearers that we in the trade call muntins ,
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    superb info as usual
    Up the TSF!


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      Yes. I love this stuff. Very informative. One day I will own one of these.


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        Thanks Geoff for this post. I agree: "superb info as usual"!!