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  • WEPF pocket template

    Does any one know where I can get a drawing of a WEPF eight ball pocket template?

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    Will be the pocket template for a Supreme Winner table you are looking for


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      did you find a drawing of the WEPF templates?


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        I've never heard of such a template. 30 years selling tables. Not saying it doesn't exist but I have never came across one.


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          As far as I know they just use standard Supreme Winner tables at their events, contact Supreme their email and phone number are on their website.


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            I can tell you that some winners have more generous pockets than others
            I have installed many new tables in snooker club's and in my own rental sites , the cushions can vary all though they seem to be all the same in recent purchases .
            are the templates you are on about for the chinese 8 ball 8ft tables ?

            most Pub pool table manufacturers have their own guess at the pocket openings
            with table makes like
            Super League
            to name just a few that if you played on all of these tables the pockets would not be the same .

            also some tables have 5/8th rubber and some use full size snooker profile rubber .

            out of the above for instance I have seen
            5/8th on all but the supreme which uses fulls size rubber

            Super league have now just come out with the option of full size rubber or 5/8th rubber
            but they still use the slotted movable fixings which is a out of date old fashioned and reduces cushion bounce

            Sam use a clip which has a screw down plate , a bit heath Robinson to me and not much wood to staple into .

            the Supreme use fixed claw blot nuts , and therefore have a full size block that the rubber sits on , of solid timber .