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  • Garage flooring for table

    Hi all,
    I've recently purchased a property which has a garage big enough for a snooker table.
    I was wondering if there was anything I could lay on the floor before purchasing a table?

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    First of all has the floor got a drainage slope to it towards the door ...most have to allow rain water falling off cars to drain away from the garaged car

    so first thing is to make sure you have a level floor as some garages slope by 2 inch over the length of a 12 foot table , and that would make taking a shot at one end at normal height and the other end 2 inch taller as the floor is lower due to 2 inch of packing under that end of the table .

    Next has the floor got a water damp course membrane under it to stop damp coming up , if so and the floor is level , just seal the floor , then lay carpet tiles on it , that's all you will require , you can use laminate or wood flooring but it makes the balls sound echoing around the room and also speech echo when you talk .
    A soft furnished floor is good to stop echo good for heat retention and good for when a ball leaves the table .
    Use good quality Huega tiles , nothing worse than low cost thin carpet tiles .

    insulate the walls , and also think about a log burner if you can get one fitted safe. nothing worse than a freezing cold garage to play snooker in the middle of winter .

    you may want to fit an electrical socket under the table if you have to lay more concrete down to level the floor off . this will allow for up to 3 heaters under the table , one low wattage one to be left on a thermostat 24/7 to keep damp out of the table .

    if you require a table keep a look out on GCL billiards web site for genuine private sales , some are even free for collection like this one that was recently given away free then just ask Geoff for a quote to pick one up and move it to your location and erect .


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      Hi Geoff, thanks for the advice I'll check whether the floor is levelled first. If it's not is it a lost cause?


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        Originally posted by aucott80 View Post
        Hi Geoff, thanks for the advice I'll check whether the floor is levelled first. If it's not is it a lost cause?
        Its getting the correct conditions which is where the pricey work comes in.


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          Levelling a concrete floor is simple and cheap. The other items less so.


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            Thanks for advice. Garage has also got an inspection pit so I'd probably have to fill that in to


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              Just an update guys I should be in soon so will be looking at starting this project up a direct fast. I've left a decent pot of money to cover everthing required and will be going for a snooker table as i play pool to often anyway