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  • Advice Needed!

    Looking for advice on snooker tables,

    I go down to my local club to practice most days of the week,

    However there are times when I'd love to practice more at home.

    Obviously I have neither the space nor the money for a full size table;

    My question is would a 6ft table help or hinder my game? Would it be worth the money?

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    Waste of time mate, get down the club as much as possible where you play on a proper table using full size balls, unless of course you were 8 yrs old and starting off on snooker


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      Totally agree with Leo. If you play on a 6ft table you will feel like you are playing in a field when you get on a full size. Don't fall into the common mistake that a Full size 12ft x 6ft table is "only" double the size of a home 6ft x 3ft's not its 4 times the area and VERY different when you play on it.
      That said, you can obviously practise your stance and cue delivery on a small home table, but as Leo said, not much else.

      Good luck with whatever you decide mate.


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        With plenty of tables being scrapped these days , it is possible to have made a 6ft by 4ft 6 inch table made from the 2 end slates and cut down cushions and cut down frame using just 4 corner legs

        the easy way is to just have 4 corner pockets on this practice table although you could put middle pockets on the 6ft long cushions if required but I think it will be a bit too small for this .
        , this table will not give you the practice for long shots , but you can get into the black red black red area of the table .

        It would cost around £1500 to £1800-for a table to be altered to this depending on the cost of the donor table and where it is to be collected from to the workshop for alteration and then delivered to in the UK , but with most houses only having small rooms it is the only type of table to give exact sized balls and exact size of bottom third of a snooker table , you can have different markings so you can also practice clearing balls of the Baulk end spots too .
        the only down side is , like a full sized table you cannot move it once set up it has to stay in position all the time .