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Superleague Toggle/Latch release?!

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  • Superleague Toggle/Latch release?!

    Thanks for reading...

    I've got a 7 x 4 Superleague pool table, but never had keys for the window panel on the side. The table was setup for free play when delivered, so the balls cine straight back out of the ball return, as they're potted.

    I know it's possible on these tables to lift up the cushions, as they're hinged on one side. My issue is, releasing the latches that hold it shut. I'm hoping that once I release these and open the table, that I can take the nuts off the cam locks and replace them without having to drill anything.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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    Buy these locks the key 2178 is the standard key to a super league they all left the factory with these locks on , use the keys from these locks to simply unlock your table
    the only time it will not be a 2178 is if the table has had the locks changed over to none standard locks
    if that is the case drill out and put these two new locks on for just over £12 the problem is solved
    you cannot get at the side and end latches unless the side is out to do that you have to unlock it.

    link to Ebay for new 2178 keys and locks


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      Thanks for your reply, Geoff. Unfortunately, at least on of the locks has been changed, as it uses one of those round keys, but the other may be original. I was hoping there would be some little trick that would mean not having to drill the locks, but if that's the only way, then that's what I'll do.

      Thanks again.