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Cushion bolts

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  • Cushion bolts

    Hi! I am refurbishing my snooker table, and I am just about finished. Three of the bolts to fasten the cushions to the slates are missing.
    They are 3/8 bolts with 12 threads per inch. I am having trouble finding this dimension. Does anybody know where I can find bolts like this?
    PS I live in Norway, so they need to be shipped..

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    You could message Geoff Large on tsf, he's a fitter of note.


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      Cushion bolts

      also Maryfield how may have bolts to fit or the info to source locally?
      have you tried any local hardware store (if you have any that is ) with one of your bolts to match?
      what table do you have?
      Up the TSF!


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        Thanks. I have tried at a local hardware store, but they could not find any with 12 threads per inch. It is not common over here. The table is an "Heritage". Badge says: "Made in England by Birmingham Export Billiards"


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          You may have to replace the nut studs inside the slate and fit new bolts and threaded studs , available from Peradon but you may be lucky and they fit without removal of stud , to fix back in use wax over the thread of the bolt and screw into nut , then apply body filler let set and sand flush then remove waxed bolt
          the bolte will then go in and out without fouling up on body filler .
          the slate has to be upside down to complete this task

          Geoff Large


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            Thank you Geoff!
            One of the many nice members of this forum has contacted me, and he will send me bolts. Seems like the problem is solved!