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  • Thurston Table

    There is a real rarity being offered on eBay at the moment.

    This 10ft table has a plate which reads "Manufacturer to his Majesty" This refers to William IV which places it between 1826 and 1837, almost certainly pre-dating slate beds. The vendor doesn't say whether it currently has a slate bed, so I assume that one has been fitted at some point in its history.

    I would expect the bed would originally have looked something like this smaller portable table made by Thurston at around the same date.

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    I have worked on one similar to this but that had a replacement slate beds fitted to it and the cushions where missing
    the table was being used in a chocolate Easter egg factory in Newark as a packing bench
    we made new cushions for it , the leg design was slightly different but almost the same , there is a name for that upturned flower design on the leg but cannot think what they call it , another table manufacturer also used that design , Later Victorian furniture also had this design used on it too .

    Good spot Peter .

    just done a bit of research Acanthus leaf that is the design

    I just found out the other type of table that used the Acanthus leaf in it's design and it was not another make it was also a Thurston Table

    amazing that they are asking £34000 for it as I know a local club in Bulwell Nottingham that has one identical , the Icanthus leaf is used in the screwed up cushion panels all around the outside edge of the table .
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