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  • Just acquired a new table

    Well, it's an old table. I've not played for a long time, and intend to get back into it as well as see if I can get my kids interested in something other than a computer screen!

    For a steal of £50 I picked up a slate bed 6 foot antique table-top snooker table. It weighs enough that two big blokes struggled to lift it! I don't know where to start with identifying it. There's a few numbers underneath on the timber framing which don't appear to mean anything, at least to me or Google but nothing else. I've had a couple of cushions off to see what the condition is like behind those (excellent!) but can't see anything of use.
    Is it worth looking into something like that, or just enjoying the table as it stands?

    Also it came with 4 cues, one I've already sold onto a collector with a prize badge on it dated 1884. Two 3/4 length cues which I imagine came with the table and another single-piece cue with no ID marks other than a 17 oz weight stamp. Would it be worth grabbing any pics and uploading here/onto the Cue forum?

    Incidentally the table itself is great. I intend to re-cloth it at some point soon. There's a couple of "divots" in the slate, does anyone have any tips on what to use to fill those? Both feel extremely round rather than chip marks or something.

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    Sounds good mate can you please put up some pics?


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      Serial numbers stamped on the bottom of the cushions are hard to read but the 4 side ones are 26757
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        Very nice cue, did well for the money!!
        Hope you have hours of enjoyment out of table and cues!


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          It's all straight as a die, very happy. Can't wait to recloth it


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            Riley table top model circa 1900 to 1910 , the large brass cushion screws are Coffin Screws

            yes they where used in the undertakers industry to screw coffin lids on


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              Wow, blimey thanks And that explains a lot!
              Considering what I can do with it currently. I have next to zero money, but ambitions... Seeing if I can buy a decent solid wood 6 foot dining table second hand with big legs, fitting the legs to this using the existing screw in height adjusters and using the lid to basically convert it to a "diner". It's sat in my DIY conservatory, just waiting for me to fashion some blinds for the roof so it doesn't fade too much
              Looks like it's been recovered at least in the last 50 years or so. Tacks. So many tacks. I took off one cushion and there were 2 tacks per inch!

              Finding the whole thing very interesting, I may start collecting odds and sods!


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                If it's any use to you at all, I'm about to free up an old 3ft diameter dining table - cosmetically, it's not brilliant but it weighs a tonne and is rock solid. Only 4 legs but they're very sturdy and the table opens up in the middle where there use to be an extending piece to fit os it has some scope. Just a thought, if you're interested.

                I've just re-fitted the cloth to a 6-ft table and it wasn't too bad a job, though I did take my time over it - as mine is essentially chip-board I plumped for staples rather than the more traditional tacks but I'm sure the folks on here will be able to provide advice when you're ready to task it.

                Hope you enjoy.


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                  Cheers buddy, a bit far though Got my eyes on Gumtree, Freegle, Ebay and the local facebook tat groups


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                    Very nice table which looks like a great deal for 50 quid as the scrap value of the slate alone is probably at least that. I would try out full size snooker balls with 10 reds and see how you get on. The pic of the cue against the sofa looks very nice and has ash wood exactly like mine. Not sure about the tip though. Is it just resting on it or glued? Either way it needs a good retipping.

                    Do you still have the cue that says 1st prize because if it was won by a well known player and you can get provenance it could be worth a fortune.


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                      No, that sold. That was the original tip (that was the cue with the 1st prize on it). In retrospect I wish I kept it as it was quite an interesting piece.
                      The player that won it was "C Stockbill". Spent quite a time looking up names, dates etc with no luck.
                      Amusingly, the full length cue I have left plays really, really well, but the straighter of the two 3/4 length cues plays like an absolute dream for some reason!
                      Don't think full size balls will fit on that table. The pockets are (just) about big enough but worried that the size might be a little too much. I bought some 2" pool balls which play well though, so maybe might get away with it. Not a bad shout though, will see if I can acquire some!


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                        Originally posted by Kryten View Post

                        Serial numbers stamped on the bottom of the cushions are hard to read but the 4 side ones are 26757
                        can you photo the numbers?
                        Up the TSF!


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                          Just a couple, so I don't break my back moving it

                          Wow, just noticed how much easier to read the photos are than looking at it directly. May have those numbers wrong - is that an upside down 7?


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                            Forget looking for a dining table with sturdy legs
                            look for a full size table and use the end wood and corner legs and part of the side frame and make a good solid frame for that
                            plenty of full size tables being scrapped these days
                            if you want to use it as a diner because it does not rise and fall like a normal diner you will have to use high chairs to dine off it

                            here is what a proper diner looks like , note the brass rise and fall brackets between frame and slate lower for dining raise for playing


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                              Wow, that's nice. Must admit I spent some time browsing your site last night admiring a lot of your work
                              That would probably be overkill. Not really looking to use it as a diner, more of a "casual table". To be honest I've only just thought about what height these should be in the first place. Currently it's sat on a glass outside table which is a little wobbly to say the least.
                              I'll smile nicely at the local clubs; I've already asked them to keep me any cloth if they scrap any from damaged tables

                              I'm quite inspired now, looking at that table with the rise & fall especially. With the earlier recommendation of getting full size balls, would it be feasible to do anything with the pockets to help with the size compared to the larger balls? May as well re-rubber if I'm going to re-cloth it. Scared I'm going to do a right amateur job of it!
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