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  • Best old table?

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for some advice regarding purchasing a second hand snooker table.

    I've been lucky enough to have had my own table at home for a few years now and it's time for an upgrade.

    Ideally I’d like to find a table that needs refurbishing as it's something me and my Dad have been talking about doing together for years.

    I've read every thread in the table section on here about second hand tables and have managed to get myself completely confused!

    I really love the look of older tables compared to tables with painted legs like the Aristocrat and Star tables.
    I much prefer a nice old turned leg, so older, at least in appearance is one decision made.

    I also would prefer older Welsh or Irish slate.

    Steel block cushions on the other hand, I'm not so sure?
    If there was a fantastic table that didn’t have them, I defiantly wouldn’t let it put me off.

    Another concern is the option to upgrade the pockets for today’s style of play, no one likes playing a perfect split only for the blue to be spat back on to the table!
    Also, adjustable slate supports?
    I have no idea if some old tables can’t be up graded?

    So basically, I think it's,
    • An older style table.
    • Turned legs.
    • Welsh or Irish slate.
    • Option to upgrade pockets.

    I'm in no rush as I messed up when I bought my last table, I want to take my time and be on the lookout for the right table this time.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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    I have read the table fitters on here really rate the Karnehm & Hillman tables.
    Quality build, superior materials all the way through.

    But then also a Riley Aristos have their fans
    Up the TSF!


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      Thank you, I'll have a search.


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        Originally Posted by cueless View Post
        Thank you, I'll have a search.
        Second the K & H tables, lovely quality- They were based a stones throw from my house in Langley, Berks. Quite a few clubs around the area had them before closing. My local club in Maidenhead still has a couple, always a pleasure to play on them.


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          Our whole club ( 15 tables) is full of K&H tables but only one has turned legs, it's a nice looking table. Build wise I can't help as I don't know enough or anything about other tables but look wise the turned legs over the straight legs every day of the week.
          This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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            Well mine is a Burroughes & Watts. It actually has straight square legs. At first I was less keen but they are easier to keep clean and I actually do like them now. The point was that the deal on the table was an absolute killer so I didn't want to miss it. B & W are as good as any table.

            Steel blocks? Mine doesn't have and frankly I don't let it worry me. The mahogany is so dense that there is loads of bounce. Perhaps a real expert would be able to do better on a steel block table, but my friends and I can't!

            The real Dean of Faculty on this subject has got to be Geoff Large. If he can't find what you are looking for, then I don't know who can. Although being based in Derby he gets tables available all over the UK and fits them everywhere including on the continent. He sourced mine for me in Lincolnshire and delivered it to a house I then owned in UK. The table was all professionally packed and ready for export to my place in Bulgaria. The price was ridiculous!


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              Thanks guys, plenty to think about.

              Hopefuly Mr Large sees this and has a few ideas!


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                There are always tables on my web site that are private sales direct from the seller
                I do not like to trade in tables myself as I am an hands on man and prefer to just move and set them up or renovate them
                you can however look at any of these tbales on my web site and if you take a fancy to any then email me for more details and I can also guide you through any pitfalls with tables made at certain time periods
                Phil in china had a good one a Burroughs and watts ridgidus frame with modern cushions , so he get's the best of both worlds better timber in the b&Watts to many new tables but the replacement Riley cushions that was on it was a modern fit with modern pockets

                link to for sale section by private people selling their own tables , these are not owned by GCL billiards , we just offer this selling service to sellers and it does bring in removals and re-cover business for us .

                Last edited by Geoff Large; 26 April 2016, 01:30 PM.


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                  Thanks Geoff, I’ll have a look.

                  So is what Phil in Chin did the best way forward, old frame with modern cushions?


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                    Well I am happy with it! I have had a former Bulgarian national champion playing on it and he was delighted too.