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Straight edge for table bed

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  • Straight edge for table bed

    Can anyone having the experience of fitting a snooker table recommend me a straight edge please for slate installation and leveling. I am a DIY hobbyist.
    thank you

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    Come on, Geoff, we are all waiting...........


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      Proper 6ft engineering straight edges are over a Grand to buy , yes over £1000
      I was lucky enough to find one at army surplus store but it still cost me around £300

      you can get the 72 inch starret ones from america but the shipping and tax would bump the price up .

      you only use this straight edge to find if a slate is dipping along the width of a full size table
      or to see if the slate is sagging , or after re floating and checking for trueness of slate bed .

      as you can see 6ft straight edges in precision engineering grade are hard to find here is some and you can see a 3ft one ( 914mm) is priced at £451.00p

      An engineers level is used to level a table and could also find out of you slate is bowed or is dipping
      you can find these on ebay at some great prices for second hand here are a few I prefer this two line type rather than the multi line type , but the multi line GG tube one is the more accurate .

      some of the electronic levels are also good , but I prefer the old Rabone tube type .


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        I know it would not be as accurate as an engineer's straight edge, but would a 6' spirit level give a good enough edge?


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          No the accuracy is just not there , my ex MOD one was unused and brand new
          they use them to check after skimming tank or large military vehicles cylinder heads and blocks , so have to be engineers straight edges .
          most 6ft builders levels are just aluminium , some having really coarse ground edges , not really accurate

          checking slate is no differnat to checking cylinder heads for warping like this

          now imagine large military engines using a 6ft sized edge .


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            you could try string lines, with same size packers at each end, pull it tight then check along the slate with the same size packer, DIY WAY.

            and will take a bit of time but a good straight edge will cost mega......


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              Thank you all for answering, I really appreciate it.