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  • Will it fit?

    I think everybody knows that a table needs 1.5 metres around it to enable players to be able to play properly, without resorting to a short cue. Another consideration is, where the room is large enough, where should the table be situated?

    The other day I was talking about this with a friend of mine. I told him how I worked this out and he suggested that I post my thoughts here.

    Measure your room, in metres. So say you have a room which is 7.5 metres by 8 metres, which is the size of my snooker room. Then multiply each of these by 5, so you get 37.5 x 40. Take some paper and draw the shape of the room using each of those as centimetres. You now have an exact 1:20 plan of your room.

    Mine has a large buttress wall, so that can be marked exactly on the plan.

    Then make a template of the size of the table, and the 1.5 metre space around it. So for a full size table that that is 6.6 metres x 4.8 metres = 33 cm x 24 cm in our plan. Cut that out of card and see where it will go in the room.

    One beauty of this is that if you are putting other things in there you can make similar scale templates of these and site them in various spots in the room.

    I know this might sound like being back at infants' school, but believe me, it is a lot less work than getting a table up, and then deciding it would have been better a foot nearer the back wall or whatever.

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    It's not just cue length to consider. When playing off the cushion and getting down low, your backside will hit any object first, slightly increasing the distance you need, between table and say (wall)
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      5' is generally considered enough. That is, effectively, 1.5 metres.