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  • 9ft Table Ball Size

    I have just purchased a table which is set up for 2 1/16" full size balls and am currently playing with 10 reds.
    A forum member suggested using 2" balls with 15 reds.
    How will the 2" balls play on a table set up for 2 1/16" balls?

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    The balls will not rebound as good as the 2.1/16th as the height of the bottom nose of the rubber is set to hit just above dead center of the ball for optimum bounce ,
    a 2 inch one will slight get nipped under the bottom nose of the rubber and lose a bit of rebound value .

    Some times people complain of balls jumping especially off the bottom and top cushions , after 41 years of fitting I do not know why it is just these two cushions that give this problem , maybe something to do with the length the ball has travels before hitting the cushion .
    here are Four things that can cause this

    A) rubber is set too low or blocks are not of correct size .

    B) Rubber is deteriorating and slightly shrinking so that the bottom edge is lower or exactly same as the middle of the ball height on contact

    C) the cushion cloth has lost it's nap and is polished from excessive wear causing the ball to skid

    D) Chalk deposits solidify under the cloth just in front of the cushion giving a ramp for the ball to lift slightly as it hits the cushions , as a ball hits the cushion this causes vibration along the bed and chalk under the cloth travels towards this vibration , have a look at a cloth that is coming off a table for either a re-cover or a re-stretch and look under the cushions especially at the Spot and D ends, feel the unevenness of the slate bed of compacted chalk dust .
    also note the spots where people bang the ball on , this will also have a volcano of compacted chalk dust as you are causing a vibration towards the spot of the chalk dust
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      Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your response.
      So...... Not ideal but should be Ok other than reduced rebound off cushions.


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        Will the pockets not be very big for 2 inch balls, I know it doesn't sound much of a difference but it will be noticeable.
        This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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          Is that a bad thing
          Joking apart I am hoping that as we improve the pack will remain tight and we can play with 15 full size balls.


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            Gutted that I cannot fit a larger table but have already had to order a 54" cue to play table end shots tight to cushion.
            If I had know 18 months ago I could have built it bigger


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              Originally posted by itsnoteasy View Post
              Will the pockets not be very big for 2 inch balls, I know it doesn't sound much of a difference but it will be noticeable.
              Problem with using 2" balls (I'm guessing Premier's) is a lighter ball, makes it a different game.
              Highest break to date? 1